Sicilian Mafia Fights Climate Change

The mob can own a judge or politician; in this case it was an electrician, Viti Nicastri. In 2010, police seized wind and solar assets worth 1.5 bn euros from Nicastri alleged to be a frontman for Denaro. Matteo Denaro, himself, has been in hiding since 1993, with outstanding warrants for, essentially, terrorist bombings.

The revolting nature of dysfunctional crime is not particularly relevant to climate fraud, which is for now, a white-collar offense. The logistic details are, however quite mind-boggling.

The problem starts when the European Union sets targets for renewable energy in response to incessant demands made by the IPCC. By 2011, Italy leads the pack, but where does the money come from?

At the time, the largest maker of solar panels is in China. Suntech is the first non-state-owned Chinese company traded on the New York Stock Exchange. While billionaire Shi Zeng Rong is hailed on Time's magazine "Heroes of the Environment", the whore of climate science is matched with offshore financial pimping. In 2005, Shi creates the Cayman Islands entity, Suntech Power Holdings Co. Inc., which takes off on the New York Exchange.

Each country has to accommodate unique money laundering and tax-exempt scams, so in turn, more offshore accounts turn up in the British Virgin Islands. One is Ali Baba the rest are the forty thieves, they just have to find some money-vast sums of money.

The various shell games included 560 million Euros in fake German government bonds. This was good enough for China so they added 554 Euros. But sooner or later the bills have to be paid, in this case United States bond payments in the amount of $541 million were due.

In the high heel of Italy, where the government eagerly provided financial incentives, the wheels were about to come off. Law enforcement could see that money was going in; but electricity was not coming out.

Billions of dollars were seized, 40 companies, about 100 properties, sports cars and luxury yachts. As for the giant windmills and solar panels; they were never connected to the grid. This is in addition to failed projects all over the globe. We pay carbon tribute to these paper offshore entities, because unlike the rest of us good or bad, they are above the law.
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Matteo Messina Denaro
  • Murdered pregnant female (strangulation)
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