Gravity vs. Climate Fraud

"Global warming is like gravity: It exists." -Al Gore

In 1971, Apollo astronaut David Scott dropped a hammer and a feather on the surface of the moon; and as expected, both hit the ground at the same time. This implies that the period, T, of a simple pendulum is not affected by its weight.
T = 2 pi sqrt( L / g ) , where g = 9.8

If T = 1 second then the length of the string will be (Excel)
L = 9.8/((2*PI())^2) = 0.248237
or about 0.25 meters.

Regardless of how carefully the theory is derived, everything must be verified by experiment. See for a timer.

I start the timer and count the moving cup for 50 cycles. The timer indicates 49.537 seconds, which is close to the expected value of 50.00 seconds.

Broomstick Pendulum

The laws of motion are general and ubiquitous. With some effort, a modified formula for a cylindrical object is derived, as before, only the measurement, L, is required.
= 1.8175 seconds
So after 30 cycles the elapsed time should be 54.525. My stopwatch says 54.185 seconds. Do try it at home!
cup- (10K)
broom-p (8K)

The Climate Fraud Method

In the good old days an instructor would have to beg so that his students would have what they need. Things have changed. The best way to get money is to demand, protest, and say the magic words, climate change. Here is a sample by Closet Queen back in 1990.

carbon (41K)

A mysterious vapor raises the planet's temperature by exactly 33 degrees. Perhaps it is carbon dioxide. With a secret computer program he concludes, sort of, that 2 parts per ten thousand imply we have an ice age; and 4 parts per ten thousand means all the glaciers melt, and we return to the age of the dinosaur.

Amount of carbon dioxide in parts per ten thousand
2 / 10,000 = ice age
4 /10,000 = return of the dinosaur.

This is great for a media story but it is just a computer fantasy. Not even with all the money in the world, can a fraud become the truth. On the other hand, the laws of the Universe can be demonstrated with just a shoelace.